Class Schedule

Weekly  Schedule

Summer Class : July 3 -Aug.28,2019 (Only on Wednesday ) .

Registration! Fall ( Sept 2019-Jan 2020) Now

5:00-6:30 pm    Ballet
10:30-11:45 am    Adult Dance & Yoga
 3:00-4:30 pm      Ballet Level (G-5)& Chinese Dance
 4:30-6:00 pm      Ballet level (G-7)             

Technique  Required : Ballet skills & Flexibility & Creation ability.
Class : 60-90 minutes( Include Barre, Center Practice, Ballet Variation, Folk Dance)
Dress Code:  Blue(level 1), Purple(level 2-3), Blue (level 4+); Green (Level 6) Leotard
                         Skin color tights & pink Shoes.
Hair Style:  Bound hair up
Group size: 8-12 P

Holidays: Dec 23(No Class)


Tuition Pay By Session

Spring Session: Feb,10th,2019- June,23rd,2019
Summer Session:  July-Aug
Fall Session :  Sept.8th,2019- Jan 30th,2020

Registration Fees: $25/Person (Annually)
60 minutes/week: $75/Month
90 minutes/week:  $90(Level-4)/Month
                                    $100((Level 5-6)/ Month
                                    $100 (Level 7-8)/Month      
Private lesson:  $55/hour
Drop in :  $25/class

Studio Policy

1. Professional Dance Education program. session payment only.
2. Tuition should be paid on the 1st day of session. All tuition paid will not be refundable.
     Late fees might charge after 1st week after due date.
3.  For make up lesson, within session, no extension.
4.  No video recording during the class.
5:  Professional Russian Ballet Course & Chinese Dance Academy level 1-10 Examination. 
6:  Make class on time.
7:  Spring Recital  in June , Winter Recital in Jan.
8:  Annual Performance additional audition needed.